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Customer Satisfaction Service Charter

We, The Barbados Workers Union, acknowledge that we have an awesome responsibility to deliver service as a foremost defender of human and trade union rights, as a leading promoter of social justice and of the equitable distribution of wealth and as a protector of our environment as well as of our democratic institutions.

To this end, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of representation to our members, and to working singly or with others to achieve similar levels of support for Barbados generally and for needy people in the rest of the Caribbean.

We are fully aware of the great importance to us of our customers our members; their families; our staff; our social partners; and all of those other persons with whom we have to do business.


  • To all these persons we pledge to provide timely and dependable service;
  • We shall always seek to provide quality service to meet and to surpass the expectations of our customers;
  • We shall treat all our relations with the greatest professionalism and highest levels of confidentiality;
  • We shall strive always to provide prompt quality responses to members and associates calls and requests;
  • We shall seek to ensure equality of treatment for everyone, and shall work to guarantee that there is no discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, physical ability or religious belief;
  • We shall fight to ensure that there is full unfettered freedom of association, including the freedom to join a trade union and the right to bargain collectively;
  • We commit to fight for the right to work and to the property rights in ones job;
  • We pledge to maintain our position that all persons should be treated with respect, fairness, dignity, compassion and due consideration for their circumstances.


  • We may fail to meet your particular request or demand.  We will apologise for any such error if it is brought to our attention, and shall seek to correct the matter without delay.
  • In furtherance of such efforts by us at acknowledging our accountability we urge each customer: 
    • To recognise that we have in place a complaints procedure which provides for your service, when not satisfactory, to be referred up the responsibility chain;
    • Where you wish to applaud good service you should use the same command chain;
    • We believe that service is dependent on the manner of the nitration between and among persons.  We therefore urge you to assist us in meeting the standards we are committed to by providing as much information as possible when your concerns are being addressed;


In order to have assistance in ensuring that we meet our objectives to be the foremost provider of our specialised services, we undertake:

  • To have our telephones answered promptly and professionally;
  • To have messages passed on to unavailable officers without undue delay;
  • To have members and other customers provided with progress reports where there are gaps in the handling of issues;
  • To ensure transparency and full accountability in the processing of every matter;
  • To ensure that all new members are supplied with appropriate information regarding the services offered by our organisation.
  • To exercise your right to be informed of the name of the officer assisting you.


  • We, The Barbados Workers Union, have always judged our success by the level of solidarity we are able to engender and by the extent to which we are willing to apply the golden rule.
  • We seek to respond promptly to our social partners, to government and to other institutions.  We urge those parties to extend the same courtesies to us.
  • We have assured our members of the pledge of the Executive Council and staff to serve beyond any given set of standards.  In return we urge our members and their neighbours to respect the equal rights of everyone else at the workplace and in the community.
  • We request that all who do business with us will observe the rules and regulations governing our institution and will treat our facilities and property with due care and respect.
  • We urge you to inform us as soon as you can when you will miss an appointment or be late for it. We repeat here that we are similarly obligated to you.We request that all who do business with us treat our staff with courtesy.

Toni Moore
General Secretary


We invite you to get in touch and keep in touch with us.  You may reach us at:

Solidarity House
Harmony Hall

Telephone: (246) 436 6079
Fax:          (246) 436 6496
E-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

BWU Labour College
Mangrove, St Philip
Doreen Deane
(246) 434 4809
(246) 416 5505
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Our Labour College provides you with an excellent opportunity to be trained in the social development skills as well as in how to become a confident participating Caribbean citizen.

Please let us know whether you have any special needs which we may help you to address;

Let us know how you think we may improve our service to you: