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What is the Barbados Workers' Union

The Barbados Workers Union is a general workers union and was registered on 4th October  1941. It has a membership of 25,000 persons covering all areas of employment in Barbados: Members are represented in Agriculture, Tourism and Restaurant Services, Transport (Road, Sea and Air), Government and Statutory Boards, Banking and Insurance, Manufacturing and Industry, Construction, Commerce and General Services.


How can I become a member of the BWU?

You can join us. Please see the Join Us page.


Can I study at the Labour College if I am not a BWU member?

The college offers courses to members of the Barbados Workers' Union; to members of other trade unions in Barbads and to the members of the other unions within the Caribbean with which we have functional cooperation.

Additionally the Labour College is moving to provide courses and exchange programmes for trade union members from outside the region, as well as short courses for international students who may be following the History and Role of Trade Unions as part of their social studies programmes.